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Return of the Disaster-Class Hero (Novel) Chapter 1

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Translator: CrazySunbacca

Editors: SxThx & Izaya

V.O Artist: Liz_bun_bun





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“You’re going to die tomorrow.”


That’s what the prophet said with the most serious expression on his face. It felt as if I was witnessing a doctor declaring the time of death. But the one being sentenced to death by the prophet grabbed his stomach and laughed maniacally.


“Why are you so eager for my death?”




Instead of answering, Gun Lee threw popcorn at his friend who was spewing bullshit.
The pub they were in was obnoxiously loud.


“If your prophecies were correct, then I would’ve dated the grim reaper tens of thousands of times by now. Do you know how many police investigations would have been launched by my death?”


That is what Gun Lee said as he stuck his hand into a box full of chicken and took out a big, juicy drumstick. This was already his second one!


“If you’re going to keep getting it wrong, at least become a weatherman. Just today, they made a huge commotion about the country being flooded.”


Gun Lee was an individual that no one can imagine dying. He was just that strong. However, the prophet got so mad that he took the chicken that Gun was holding.


“Believe me for once! Also, don’t you know it’s one drumstick per person? That’s why you’re going to die!”


“Wow, my best friend is going to kill me because I took all the drumsticks? Then if I eat all the wings too, what are you going to do? Cut off all my limbs?”


The Prophet’s eyes widened in anger and disbelief.


“I’m not joking! You’re really going to die! Even if it’s not exactly tomorrow, you’re still going to die on this quest!”


The look in his eyes portrays the very seriousness of the situation. So, Gun Lee asked him.


“Why? Is it for revenge?”


The Prophet put down the chicken leg.


“Hey, are you really not going to take this seriously?”


“Ah, why? If I’m really going to die, then I’ll just die.”


“Ah… you’re really-!”


At this moment Gun Lee chuckled. Of course, this time it wasn’t mockery or sarcasm. Understandably, his actions could be mistaken as sneering at the prophet. But this time it was different. Even though the quest is difficult, I couldn’t leave it just because of my friend’s prophecy. Although, It could be true since it is a quest for the survival of humanity.


<52,545,748 prisoners of war captured by the monsters>


Several years ago, monsters suddenly came to Earth and colonized our lands. But humanity was able to oppose these monsters. It was all thanks to the awakened ones. Gun Lee was one of them. Among the 13 awakened, Gun was the strongest.


“These bastards are destroying all of Korea.”


This was an attack that should not be ignored or could be ignored. But Gun ate the chicken radish and laughed.


“But if I capture the boss and die, wouldn’t I at least get a gold medal of honor?”


“What did you just say? Whenever the officials tried to give it to you, you just threw it in their face before. Also, won’t you put that down? Have some manners and at least leave the wings for me.”


“I don’t want to. Also, it was because they called me with the pretense that they valued our efforts in the valor in the face of danger. But they just took pictures of me for their political campaign, so I threw it away.”


“Ah, so was it because you didn’t want to be used for their political gain?”


“No. I got fucking pissed that they didn’t give me food after working me so hard.”




At any rate, it was good. One way or another, Gun Lee was like the Earth’s defense against the Invaders. He had to go to the <Devil’s Tower>. The prophecy of his death didn’t bother him. “After all, the bastard who predicted it was never right about anything”. That is what Gun Lee thought. But…


“Oh my god.”


“Hold on! What happened to Gun Lee! Why did only 12 people return?”


“I’m pretty sure that 13 people entered! What about Gun Lee? What happened to the 13th awakened Gun Lee?”


The ones who were waiting for the news fell into an utter state of despair after hearing what happened from the other awakened ones.


“The 13th chose death for himself.”


The world was shocked by this news.


Humanity was in a state of grief. The greatest crisis in the history of mankind was now over.
It was an incredible victory that would go down in history, but nobody was celebrating. People mourned the loss of their beloved hero. The same applied to those who were in the quest with Gun Lee.


“The mission was a success, but the cost was the great sacrifice of the 13th.”


Different from Gun Lee, they were 12 special awakened ones who received power from the gods. They shed tears and stood with their heads held low. In a moment of silence for their fallen comrade and hero.


“His sacrifice will never be forgotten.”


“The monster that rose from the land has not been defeated, but fear not! Even without Gun Lee, we will regain all of the remaining lands!”


They thought they could regain the honor of humanity without Gun Lee. Since they were uniquely special, unlike Gun Lee. The 12 could do anything Gun Lee could.


“So please believe in us! Gun Lee’s sacrifice won’t be in vain! In place of Gun Lee’s hard work, we’ll fight now! Leave it to us!”


“It took Gun Lee 5 years to regain half of the land! But with the 12 of us!


“One year will be plenty to regain the rest!”


20 years later…
Humanity has yet to regain 1% of the land.


It was a hot summer. Seoul was hit with a great heat wave near the end of August. In a place that was a pile of ashes, there was a burst of desire.


“Man, I told you to take a different route!”


“Goddammit, who knew this was going to happen? There was no alarm today!”


“Ugh, I don’t know! Even if it was expensive, we should have gone to a safer area!”


Two men were swearing at each other. Because of the commotion, a group of monsters suddenly appeared. Even though Seoul was under the control of the Unknown Civilization, it was generally a safe place. It was usually only populated by lower-class monsters and you can always hear the sounds of veteran monster hunters around the area. Usually, there was no problem when encountering a monster. However, today was different.


“Fucking bullshit man. They are all high-class monsters shithead!”


They were frozen in fear as the monsters advanced towards them.


“Why did it have to be those monsters that only with advanced abilities could defeat!”


“Haha, I don’t know anymore. My life is ruined. A fortune-teller told me I would meet a monster that I couldn’t handle. He was right.”


“What? A monster that you can’t handle?”


“Yeah, that’s right. I’m guessing he was talking about this. I should have written my will.”


The man groaned and noticed the tower nearby. It was so tall that it went above the clouds and pierced the sky. That’s what it would look like if the Devil’s Tower was still there. It was an impenetrable tower, where the great Gun Lee lost his life. Even the great heroes, the 12 awakened, were scared of it. It still was full of monsters and easily one of the most terrifying dungeons of all time. It was also the grave of the greatest hero of humanity and served as a monument to all of humanity which dearly missed him.


“If we just had Gun Lee, the world wouldn’t be this bad.”
People grind their teeth. Instead of recovering the lost land, the status quo was barely maintained. The loss of Gun Lee only felt heavier as more time passed.


“Okay fuck it!! Since we’re going to die anyway, let’s die as heroes like Gun Lee!”


“You’re right! It’s an honor to die in the same place as the great hero! Let’s at least get our names in the newspap-…”


But it was at that moment. Boom boom boom!




They both screamed, and it wasn’t because of the monsters. Flash! They screamed because the tower broke with a deafening roar. The very tower that was indestructible and the home of monsters!


“Wh-What is this? What’s going on?”


“D-Devil’s Tower just…”


There was an enormous explosion of magical power. It was so big even the high-class monsters ran away.




That is why there was no choice but to be afraid. The monsters never gave up on prey. So they wondered why they were running away. They quickly found out.


“Oh, fuck everything.”




It was because someone came out of the tower.


“Those fucking bastards. They lock someone in the tower and run away by themselves?”


The hunters doubted what they saw. And they both realized at that moment. That it was a monster that could not have been able to handle. This is what the fortune teller meant. Even though he was unrecognizable, they knew.
Gun Lee.The 13th who died 20 years ago.


“Those fucking bastards. I won’t let this slide.”


It was at this moment that the man who was thought to be dead returned.


(To be continued in the next episode)

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Chapter 1